The Biggest and Best Party with a Purpose Yet!


On a Friday night in October, as the last party goers left Chicago’s Meadows Club, over 1,200 children in Nueva Vida were guaranteed a hot-nourishing meal and medical attention for an entire year. Over 340 people partied so starving kids could eat, how amazing is that?

Party with a Purpose is definitely not one of those dreaded rubber- chicken dinner fundraisers that most people envision when they hear the word “fundraiser.”  It is a party that TransNational Bankcard CEO and ON board member, John Pitzaferro, says “has become a focal point of my life.”  For the past three years

, John, his wife Stacey, and a huge team of volunteers from TransNational, work tirelessly to make each party better than the last. Each year the fundraising goal has been higher than the last and this year it was HUGE: $150,000 to serve our kids in Nueva Vida.

As party goers arrived to the Meadow’s Club in Chicago they enjoyed delicious food as they checked out the venue that would serve as their playground for the evening. John kicked off the party by welcoming everyone, explaining what the evening was all about (we party; starving kids eat), and then opening the event with a prayer that God would move people to give generously to our kids in Nicaragua.

Openers for Bon Jovi and Kid Rock, Chicago band 7th heaven, played the soundtrack for the evening.  As many party goers danced the night away, others bid on amazing silent auction items, such as Tony Orsini’s 1997 Harley Ultra Classic Motorcycle, bought raffle tickets for a cruise + airfare for two, and played games like foosball, pool, and pinball.  Our own Eddy Morales, Country Director, Nicaragua, spoke of the transformations he’s witnessed in over 1,200 children’s lives in Nueva Vida since Party with a Purpose began in 2010.

A few short days after the 3rd annual PWP was over, and all of the numbers were finalized, John sent an email out to whole heartedly thank his team of volunteers and supporters that made the event such a success.  He said he kept asking his wife Stacey to pinch him because he thought he was dreaming, and “are you ready for this…amazingly, almost miraculously…WE DID IT!  We beat our goal and netted $155,355, to be used for God’s purposes in this broken world.”

It’s hard to imagine that so much good can come from one night of incredible fun. 1,200 lives impacted in Nueva Vida; children getting holistic care from the church and learning that there is hope in Jesus. Children are growing healthier by the day as visible signs of malnutrition, such as blonde highlights and distended bellies, are fading as our children are growing up healthier.

ORPHANetwork will be forever grateful for John and Stacey, and every person and organization that makes Party with a Purpose such a great success for serving the Lord’s kingdom and the children of Nueva Vida.



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