Transition Students Attend Leadership Camp


This summer six of our Transition Program students were invited to attend a Leadership Camp in Matagalpa.  The program was hosted by GOCARE, an NGO that ORPHANetwork has joined forces with in Nicaragua. GOCARE’s core philosophy is based on mentorship and leadership, and over the past two years we have been collaborating by sharing strategies and opportunities for our children, the future leaders of Nicaragua.  

The Leadership Camp focused on the topics of self-esteem, ethics, time management, common sense and responsibility.  Our own Eddy Morales, Director Nicaragua, contributed to the camp discussions by speaking to the students about setting and reaching goals.

Alvaro Rivas, Field Coordinator, works closely with our Transition Students and he chose the six participants based on their personal achievements as well as their specific needs for development.


Pictured enjoying a lunch break together (from left): Julio, Mariella, Alex, Isamar, Kevin, and Zaida.



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