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Running Races

Running races is a great way to invest your talents and see a return for our children in Nicaragua. We have a few different things to equip you with as you get into the business of running, for example, a marathon! ORPHANetwork recommends GroupGive as an online fundraising tool for runners who want to raise tax deductible support virtually┬á– just create your own page to support ORPHANetwork and you’re ready to start raising money. E-mail us for sample sponsorship letters or emails that you could send out to family and friends.

We ask that if you’re serious about running a race for ORPHANetwork and our children, you reach out to us. We are here to support you on your journey!

Dinner Parties

Hosting a dinner for ORPHANetwork is one of the easiest ways to share your stories from Nicaragua with your friends and family. We’d love to equip you to make the dinner a complete success. Click on the link below to download a zip drive of different items to help as you prepare to host a dinner party:

DINNER in a Box

General Fundraisers

ORPHANetwork has so many creative friends that often, the best thing to do is just unleash you to do whatever it is you do best. Use your talents, your time, and your resources to come up with something stellar. Here are a couple ideas of things we’ve seen along the way, and samples to get you started. Email us anytime with questions and advice as you start planning your own fundraiser.

  1. Business Letter
  2. Parable Project
  3. Barefoot 5k (example group fundraiser)

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