Yessica’s Journey

Tragically, Yessica Ramsin’s mother died when she was a young girl and although he would take no responsibility for her or her brother’s care, her father soon passed away as well. Loving grandparents tried to step in and care for them, but they were in failing health and too poor to provide much more than the abundant love in their hearts.


Then at the tender age of 13, she and her younger brother were embraced by the Arms of Love (Brazos de Amor) Orphanage Home.  There she received food, clothes, shelter, education, and was nurtured by the caregivers, teachers, psychologists and social workers who give their all for the children they serve.

Yessica Ramsin

Yessica receiving a computer literacy certification this Spring


Fast forward to today and Yessica is 23 years old, just completed her thesis in Pharmaceutical chemistry and has begun working in a pharmaceutical lab!  Two of our “Seven Targets” for the children growing up at our partner orphanage homes, English and computer skills, gave Yessica an edge over her competition and helped her land her first job!


Yessica is a Christ Follower who for many years had been asking God to show her how he could use her for His will.  “I really want to take advantage of the privileges that God has given me and use them to serve Him.” She distinctly recalls the moment she heard from God during church service on August 30, 2015, “It was beautiful. We were praising God and I felt a warm embrace, very close to my heart and an uncontrollable smile grew from ear to ear on my face. At the end of the service I talked with my pastor and he told me “Yes, God has a ministry for you.” This was exactly the truth that I had been searching for.” Yessica has been actively and passionately involved with her church ever since.


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